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Welcome to Our Apartment

And now we will take you on a short guided tour of our apartment in Uralsk. It is located in a nice quiet neighborhood near the center of Uralsk. There are security doors and controlled access to the outside so we have felt safe from day one. Like those of most of the buildings we've seen, the apartments in our building stretch from front to rear of the building so we have windows on both ends of the unit. The kitchen and bedroom are on one end with windows overlooking an enclosed courtyard. The living room on the rear of the unit has a balcony overlooking some small businesses. It has nice hardwood floors throughout except for the tile bathroom which has a washer and nice tiled bathtub/shower. We are close to Uralsk's main street with many shops, restaurants, and a theater. There is also a promenade with shops and eateries only a couple blocks away. And to get those late night snacks, we have about 5 little markets within a two block radius, a couple open 24 hours! One of them always has what we need! If you can't tell already, we love our home away from home!

The outside entrance security door.

The inner door (most stores and restaurants also have a second entrance door.)

Stairway leading to our apartment (our door is on the left).

Key to our outer door.

Our inner door.

The foyer. Note: we brought the living room chair out here so we can check our e-mail in comfort (the phone jack is here).

The left side of the living room (to the right of the foyer). Lyn is pointing out the door to the balcony behind the curtains.

The right side of the living room.

Looking out into the foyer from the living room.

Bedroom door to the left and the kitchen to the right.

Looking into the kitchen.

Looking into the kitchen on wash day (which happens to be every day!)

Kitchen cabinets, sink, etc.

This is how we make coffee. (The black thing is a filter we brought.)

The bedroom. Note: The suitcase is positioned just so to block the light from the courtyard for sleeping.

Courtyard view from the kitchen/bedroom windows. Note the sheets on the clothesline being freeze-dried!

A lady walking in the courtyard with a zippered vinyl bag which we have seen many people carrying.

View from the balcony.

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