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February 16

Since arrival in Almaty life has been...BUSY!! You probably already guessed this due to the lack of updates. I will try to fill you in on the last two days and show a couple pictures (I'm writing this on the 18th). Monday the 16th was mostly spent in the apartment. Mike went grocery shopping to get stuff for the week...and then went again on Tuesday. We took a walk in the afternoon and then had a 6 pm meeting with our facilitator to do some more paperwork. Temirlan loves the car rides. He sits mesmerized and hardly makes a sound trying to see every site that we pass. Usually the only word he says in the car is the Kazakh word for 'man' when he spots pedestrians. Other than that, it was just play in the apartment, sandwiches for lunch, dumplings with a hot & spicy Georgian sauce for dinner (that's the Republic of Georgia, not the state). Although he complained a bit, we thought it best that Temirlan have his dumplings plain. He likes all food, but I think this sauce was out of his league. Nikki was still very fussy on Monday. (As of this writing Wednesday she seems back to her old good-natured self...Whew!). She fussed and cried and wouldn't let us put her down. So Mommy and Daddy were totally worn out at bedtime and went to sleep as soon as the kids did. Anyway, here are a few pictures that sum up Monday.

Wishing you a belated...Paka-Paka!!

Any time is nap time.

Trying out the Snugli on the streets of Almaty (Sunday night).

The other Snugli on Sunday night.

Translation: I'd like some more, please.

First bottle from Papa

Miss Fussy-Alfalfa-Hair

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