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February 11

If you've been following the daily visits, you already know the story for this morning: another fun time! Both Temirlan and Gulnaz were happy to see us and had fun. We were glad to be back in the music room for the morning visit...more room to spread out and play. Temirlan was quiet but happy, playing with blocks, some little plastic cars, and...hmm, what was that other thing? Oh, yes. The snack pack! He made quick work of cheerios, goldfish, cocoa puffs, AND bananas. Whew! I guess he was hungry today! Of course he saved a few at the end to pour back and forth between containers. Gulnaz was VERY active. Did I say very? Maybe that's an understatement. She wiggled, laughed and crawled all over us. We even snapped a picture of her balancing on her own reaching for Mama's jacket zipper! She'll be walking so soon! She particularly loved for Papa to lean her clear back so she could see Mama upside down. This one never failed to get a big giggle. However, she was so active for the first forty minutes that she completely wore herself out and (for the first time!) fell asleep in Mama's arms.

One more visit to go! We'll be back to report on this afternoon's visit later!

Happiness is a tummy full of cocoa puffs!

Look Mama...No hands! Now gimme that zipper...

Everybody looks funny upside down!

My turn with the camera, Papa.

Sleepy girl.

The two-a-day visits are over! In all honesty, the time has just flown by for us. Neither of us can believe that visitation is done and court is coming up next. It is also hard to believe that very soon we will have two toddlers running around the apartment...then around the airplane...then around home! Oh well, I guess we had better get a good night's rest tonight!

Our final visit started out with a scene we'll remember all our lives. Gulnaz was in her walker when we arrived to pick her up this afternoon. When she saw us at the door, Lyn put out her arms and asked her if she could come over to us. Her answer was a huge smile and a walker moving at mach 3 to reach the door! Well, maybe not QUITE that fast but it was definitely as fast as her short little legs could push it! She was active and smiley the whole visit. She again liked pounding blocks, looking at Mama upside down, and trying to take anything Temirlan had. Temirlan arrived a bit late because he was a slow eater today and had to finish his meal. (Maybe that pound of Cocoa Puffs he ate this morning had something to do with that?) So when he arrived after a couple minutes, we assumed he would be more interested in toys than eating...WRONG! Even with a full tummy he wanted the cocoa puffs for dessert. So he sat with the puffs and played with all his favorite toys in between bites. At the end of the visit, the representative of the ministry of education stopped by again to see how the children were doing and watch them play. She again was all smiles (Gulnaz likes her very much) and had many kind words for us and the children.

So that was it, the final day of visits. And of course the weatherman also celebrated by ordering up more blizzard-like conditions and we're trying to think of it as just that: Celebration Snow! Tonight we also celebrate with a final visit to our favorite restaurant, Kamelot. So we will leave you with a few pictures and a very excited...


What do you mean 'Last Visit'? There better be cheerios at the apartment!

Who's that coming in?...Hey it's Temirlan!

Front of the baby house.

The Big Market--we did some shopping today between visits.
(Note: this picture was taken on a non-blizzard day.)

Lyn relaxes at our favorite table at Chagala.

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